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The name of Colombia was conceived by the Venezuelan Francisco de Miranda to name to the union of republics of America after made independent to produce homage to the discoverer Cristóbal Columbus (in Italian Cristoforo Colombo), descubrido of America. [9 [] 10] The surname of Columbus (Colombo) there comes in turn from the Latin columbus, who means pigeon, male of the pigeon (in Latin columba), animal that symbolizes the peace. On February 15, 1819, during the Congress of Narrowness, there was proclaimed the State that adopted the name of Republic of Colombia, it known today like Big Colombia to avoid confusions with the current Colombia, with sovereignty on the territories of till then Virreinato of New Granada, Quito and General Captaincy of Venezuela. [11] The name was proposed by Simón Bolívar in the Letter of Jamaica. [12] In 1830, it was erected like republic with the name of Republic of the New Granada, and soon it turned into the federal state under the title of From Granada Confederacy, after the constitution of 1858 was approved. The same one adopted the name of the United States of Colombia in 1863, which in 1886, constituted definitely, until our days, in Republic of Colombia, action that was protested then by the congresses of Ecuador and Venezuela for considering it to be a unilateral usurpation of the common historical patrimony. Nevertheless it is discrepancy was already overcome it does enough time. Viajes Colombia Voyage Colombie